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Where are you located?

United Wanderlust is an online, woman-owned, art shop based in Massachusetts. 

From time to time, whenever possible, we also offer our timeless watercolor paintings and illustrations as wall art for your home decor, and gifts that travel lovers appreciate, at the annual MCAD Art Sale, held in Minneapolis, MN in mid- November, right before Thanksgiving.

Be one of the first to learn about art fairs and art pop ups we attend through our email list and Wander & Paint.

We create our fine art collection and graphic illustrations from home.


 Do you have any retail locations?

Right now, our main retail location is online at www.UnitedWanderlust.com. When opportunities arise, we sell framed and unframed original art and giclee prints:

        • at local and regional art fairs, select art shows
        • or even at pop-up stores.

As we confirm each events, we’ll post the dates and location on Wander & Paint, fire off an update to our subscribers and have a mention on social media accounts:


 Can I visit your studio?

Sorry, no can do. Maybe one day, yeah?




How and when should I contact you?

Email, or the contact form, is the absolute best way to contact us.

 At any given time, we’re either knee-deep in alligators plotting the logistics of our next art travel destinations, madly painting in the studio -sans distractions-  or (very likely) stalking local haunts and sniffing around for inspiration. Oh, and running an art shop.

If you have a burning question PRIOR to nabbing that art print for your home decor, and it has not been covered in the:

or, elsewhere on the United Wanderlust shop website…please do send us a note via email - we’re delighted to hear from you!  The best way to reach us:

We’ll, generally get back to you within:

  • 48-36 hours
  • during studio & office hours
  • between the hours of 9am EST - 5pm EST
If you’ve already received your archival print (s) and have any questions or, simply want to share your thoughts about your new piece, feel free to email us directly.

All things being equal, USPS delivery and mail is generally reliable. However, we  STRONGLY recommend that you to select a shipping option with delivery confirmation and tracking to keep track of your watercolor wall art

Once you receive confirmation that an item has been shipped, it’s in the hands of the USPS gods & goddesses. 

Your tracking number will allow you to check the progress of your package at will. However, if you DO NOT received your print within three to four weeks from shipping, do reach out so we can help you figure out what happened. 


Do you accept custom projects?
 AKA Art commissions.

It depends. I take a case by case approach to accepting projects. It may come down to the type of project you have in mind, your budget and the timeline.
For more information, please contact us at: HELLO@UNITEDWANDERLUST.COM
Let’s chat and see what beautiful things we can create together!


Custom watercolor painting projects estimates for individuals:

8.5" x 11 $339 4 no
12" x 16" $559 3 no
18" x 24" 1559 2 no

  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity (a seal)
  • Up to 2 change requests (change orders)
  • Includes The Artist's Signature
  • Free Shipping: only for orders $1,000 and above. FedEx with delivery confirmation.

***Please keep in mind that change requests, the type of painting style, quality of frames, rush fees, usage, and other considerations will affect the final proposal fee.***

Depending on the workload and the type of artwork requested, please allow up to three month or more for completion, from the time you sign the letter of agreement and your deposit is cleared.

Deposit amount: 50% deposit. We'll then go ahead and reserve the time to start your painting once the funds have been recieved or have cleared.


How are the prints created? 

The prints are created from high resolution TIFF, PNG or PSD files scans of the original watercolor paintings or water-based artwork, at a minimum of 300 DPI.

Once the print file is ready for processing, we send it to our printer. United Wanderlust uses the made-to-order model.

A print gets produced only when a customer places an order. So we don't hold an inventory. Keep in mind that your order may come from several vendors depending on what item you've purchased:

  • A beautiful, modern, unframed giclee canvas print, stretched on wood panels
  • An atmospheric piece of art, printed on archival fine art paper
  • Or, framed or unframed original art (from my own mobile studio :)
  • Framed or unframed Limited edition prints (also from my studio)
  • Other slow travel-inspired art gifts for your home decor or the perfect gifts for the travelers in your life


How do you do limited editions?

A handful of our visual art collection including watercolors, sketches and illustrations are capped at 300.

They come signed, numbered and with a certificate of authenticity but are not offered in the shop - only at art fairs. The majority of the editions we offer online are open and the shop's logo will be printed on the back of the canvas prints.

However, if you happen to be at one of the art fairs, pop up stores and art shows, we sometime participate in, you could definitely snag one piece there such as this expressive crustacean, Psychedelic Crab, inspired from strolling through a market in Nha Thrang, Vietnam.

If there is enough demand for this high-end service, we’ll definitely assess how it could seamlessly integrate with our slow travel philosophy. 


Will the artwork include an artist’s signature?

All canvas prints will include the shop's logo on the back of the canvas frame. The visual art and graphic illustrations printed on fine art, watercolor paper and sold at fair, includes the artist signature tucked away discreetly on the artwork itself.



Will I receive a certificate of authenticity?

We do not offer this service for open edition prints. However, the shop's logo will be printed on the back of the canvas prints.

The certificate of authenticity is included whenever you buy an original fine art painting. It’s affixed directly on the back of the canvas.

Our ethereal, original paintings are currently only offered at art fairs and through custom orders. Although we plan on offering these online if there is a demand for it.

Email us any questions you have regarding custom orders at:


Commissioned painting starts at around $1359/ artwork. Please check out the CUSTOM ART STUFF section above.

Can you help me to select frames for my artwork?

We don’t offer this service at this time.  However, the lifestyle photos in the art shop can provide some inspiration for where to start. At United Wanderlust, we’re HUGE fans of simple frames (white, black, natural or neutral), that allow the atmospheric mood of our watercolor wall art to shine through.


Can you help me to select frames for my artwork?

We don’t offer this service at this time.  However, the lifestyle photos in the art shop can provide some inspiration for where to start.

At United Wanderlust, we’re HUGE fans of simple frames (white, black, natural or neutral), that allow the atmospheric mood of our watercolor wall art to shine through.



Will my artwork arrive ready to hang?
All canvas giclee prints arrive with simple hanging brackets to easily hang your art.



Can I hang my canvas print outside? 

No silly. Why in the world would you ever want to do that?



 When will I receive my order? How long will it take?

For domestic shipping, expect that it will take approximately two weeks from receiving your shipping confirmation email sent with your tracking number.

If there are major disruption in the supply and production chain due to events beyond our control such as acts of god, delivery could take much longer:

Keep in mind, we are a tiny, teensy, independent art shop, and not a mass-market retailer with their own shipping department.

Each order is printed on demand, one customer at a time.

Please choose a shipping option such as priority mail that includes delivery confirmation and tracking to make sure you know where your piece is at any one time. 

Each print needs time to dry, to be packaged appropriately, handled and mailed via First Class USPS Mail or Priority mail.

This process could take up to one or three weeks.

International shipping, if it’s offered, can take up to eight (8) weeks.

For either domestic or international orders, we STRONGLY recommend ordering EARLY if your wall art is meant as a gift for the demanding traveler in your life or, if you’d like to receive it in advance of a special occasion - like an upcoming holiday or anniversary.

If you plan to purchase atmospheric living room wall decor in time for a big event, we recommend placing your order two-three weeks ahead of time.

Find out more about our SHIPPING POLICY.

 How do I track the progress of my artwork shipment?

Once your order is shipped, if you chose a shipping method with tracking you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number.


 Can I cancel an order prior to shipment?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL -  just like at the art fairs. Your art item is made to order, just for you.

Once you’ve made the payment for your print, your order and payment is sent directly to the printer automatically.

The printing process begins as soon as the order is confirmed with a payment. So cancellations are not possible. All sales are final.

Please review our Refund & Exchange Policy carefully and make sure you’ve selected the right print(s) size, style etc.  PRIOR, to hitting that buy button.



Can I return a print or product if I’m not satisfied?


As a small artisan, independent shop, your rely on your purchase to allow us to continue creating uplifting wall art decor for your homes and art gift ideas for your friends and family. For this reason, just like at an art fair, all sales are final.

As a customer, it can be difficult to assess what you’ll receive when making an online purchase, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process.

For this reason we've describe as thoroughly as possible your piece. We  STRONGLY recommend that you review the product description and our policies (at the bottom of the page) thoroughly prior to making your purchase. We  do not offer returns or exchanges at this time.

****Please visit our Refund & Exchange policy page********

 What do I do if I received a defective order?

Now, if an order arrived defective: i.e the frame is broken, the canvas fabric is ripped, the colors mis-printed or with water damage, please reach out to us immediately with photos and a detailed description of the problem at:


If the issue is on our end, we'll definitely be happy to discuss alternatives on a case by case basis.


 What do I do if I never received my order?

If you have not received your print three to four weeks after you’ve placed your order, and you have a tracking number, please follow up and contact the shipping carrier you chose directly, as we are unable to assist at this stage.

We strongly advise to always choose a shipping option with a tracking number such as priority mail. This gives you piece of mind, plus it makes it easier and much quicker for you to resolve any potential delay issues.

 How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

We are a very small shop, unfortunately, once an order is placed, changes cannot be made.

Please make sure to review your order to be certain that you are ordering the correct print size, format or style.



 Can I get any discounts?

From time to time, we do share generous coupon codes with our email list subscribers. First-time subscribers for example, get a 20% discount on their first order as a thank you for signing up for our email list.

On other occasions, you may see automatic discounts applied at checkout, when a customer purchases more than one canvas print in a single order, in the form of free shipping or a 10% off coupon.

At United Wanderlust, our art prints and goods are priced fairly from the start.

We follows fair labor trade pricing practices, which provides a living wage to all involved in the creation and production of each piece you discover in the art shop.

 Can I make installment payment plans?

We do not manage nor plan to offer an installment payment program. 


Do you accept wholesale purchases from corporate art consultants and interior designers?

Yes we do. We welcome inquiries. Contact us at hello@unitedwanderlust.com to discuss your specific needs.


Do you rent or lease your art and what are your fees?

We don't at the moment but we would be happy to review your specific needs.

Contact us at hello@unitedwanderlust.com to and tell us about the scope of the project. 


 Are you interested in being contacted by galleries or agents?

Sure do! Feel free to reach out at hello@unitedwnaderlust.com to discuss what you have in mind.